Alen Hansen

Guitar • Drums • Music Production

Alen Hansen from Santa Ana CA, has been involved in music for 18 years. He graduated from Santa Ana College with a liberal arts degree a week before graduating Middle College High School where he mostly focused on music classes including classical guitar, piano, latin jazz percussion, and electronic music production. Alen studied audio/video electronics in the US Army where he worked in PSYOP (psychological operations) media development and operated a radio station in Afghanistan. He's earned a certificate in Digital Music Production from Santa Ana College and graduated from the Musician’s Institute with a Percussion/Recording Artist AA. He’s performed in over 30 bands ranging from folk, cumbia, metal, and beyond since high school at various events in and around OC. Alen currently works mostly as a private guitar/percussion teacher and a stage-hand/tech at local events. Alen specializes in fusing world rhythms with unique percussion instrumentations, unique electronic instrumentation, and neo-classical Latin inspired guitar.