Ronnie Robles

Ronnie Robles 'RO'

Emcee • Painter • Poet

Ro is a spoken word poet, event host , HipHop emcee, youth advocate, college mentor, public school teacher, expressive fine artist, muralist/set designer, art therapist & an accomplished illustrator. A modern day renaissance man for the days we live in.

By day he works with inner city youth in various school districts (teaching basic education, counseling and workshops on spoken word poetry) as well as providing art therapy sessions for young men in L.A. group homes.

Ro has been doing spoken word and HipHop in ministry for over 10 yrs.

He ministers regularly at various churches, benefit concerts, outreach efforts and schools.

He has been a featured/live painter at various events in southern California. he coaches, mentors and ghost writes for many christian emcees in the so cal area.

He is one of the hip hop mentors and performers within the Urban Arts Outreach collective, sharing his talents at the various sessions, and Monthly street performances during the Artwalk in Santa Ana..

He desires to reach every soul possible with every "toy in the toolbox" that he's given.. and been allowed to use to glorify our Father in heaven.

Matthew 5:16.

Let your life so shine before men (and women) that they may see your good works.. and glorify your Father (who's given you the gift) who is in Heaven.