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Damon Stone 'DJ Stone' of Cottonwood Church

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Damon Stone, aka “DJ Stone,” grew up in the Southern California city of Long Beach. At an early age, he nurtured a fondness for music that continued through his formative years. He spent many Friday nights with his radio and a blank tape from the 99-cent store, capturing new songs and obscure releases from Hip Hop artists all over the U.S. While creating Hip Hop mixes was always his first love letter to music, his ear grew to appreciate other genres of music from all across the spectrum. DJ’ing became a way to express his knowledge of, and love for, different genres of music as well as his ear for playing music that he knew people would respond to. What began with making his own mixed tapes and mixed CD’s led to sharing music with others through DJ’ing numerous weddings, and corporate, birthday, graduation, youth, and church events. His passion for positive hip hop led him to pursue local terrestrial radio and podcasting, putting a spotlight on artists who are focused on building up the community and putting out positive music. DJ Stone has the experience and catalog that stems from the cultural landscape of the Southland, and he has the ability to read a crowd and know exactly what to play to keep the people moving.