Audio ARchives

AnthonyRivera-Interview-2010.mp3 — Beatboxer Click 88's Testimony April 4, 2010

BrittaniMarinez-Interview-2010.mp3 — Female Rapper BeOne's Testimony January 17, 2010

CocoDeLaLuz-Interview-2010.mp3 — OG Popper Coco's Testimony May 23, 2010

Graffiti as an Expression of Worship — Video interview of Camer1 by World Impact

How to minister in Los Angeles — Video interview of Propaganda by World Impact

JayOSpeaks-Interview-2010.mp3 — Jay O Speaks Interview June 13, 2010

Purpose Driven Training Video — Purpose Driven Overview by Dave Holden

Streetlights Bible — Free Bible Readings in Spoken Word over beats: Streetlights

TonyGomez-Interview-2010.mp3 — Pastor Tony Gomez's Testimony February 21, 2010

UrbanArtsOutreach-Interview-2010.mp3 — Urban Arts Outreach Interview: DJ Audible, Bboy Don, and Spoken Word Poet Janet Jun February 7, 2010

UrbanArtsOutreach-Workshop-2018.mp3 — Urban Arts Workshop 2018: Building a Creative Community from Scratch