You can help unleash the unheard stories of Downtown Santa Ana through the arts. Join Urban Arts Outreach in putting together a monthly jam session of spoken word, hip-hop dance, music, food, and visual arts.

Here are some specific needs at Saint City during the event:

(see calendar for event times)

Mentoring Artists – Be available for the community in the areas of all the arts (dance, crafts, music, and poetry). This can be as simple as doing what you love to do or interacting through teaching and facilitating other people's expression.

Create a Creative Safe Environment – We need help with creating signs and decorations that will let people know it's a creative space for them to be themselves in.

Prayer team & Information Table – Greet, direct, and be available for prayer. Our information table is the center of communication at the events and help us keep record of what the people want through surveys, guest book, and inputting data.

Tear down/Set up Crew – We need people who can come 5 or 6 p.m. to set up lighting, tables, chairs, and art areas. Likewise, at 10 p.m. to put everything back the way it was in the venue. During the event, security is needed too. This is greatly appreciated!

Donate Art Supplies/Goods – We go through supplies fast with the amount of talent we have at every event! Below is a list of things we could use right away:

  1. Paper Towel Rolls & Cleaning Supplies for the venue
  2. Sketch Pads (black books) or Canvases for painting
  3. Paint (acrylic), Primer, and Markers
  4. Drop Cloths or Tarps for painters
  5. Duct Tape
  6. Hip-hop CDs, Apparel, and giveaways (We can suggest places to get these)
  7. Snacks, Food, & Drinks

Promoting & Social Media – This can include printing flyers, cutting them, and distributing them to key areas like schools, music stores, and community centers. Online promotion is also needed before and during the event.

Documentation – Photographers! Writers! Videographers! We need people to document what happens during the session for purposes of recording the history, promoting, and getting new people involved.

Just come over – You'll find opportunities for sure! We're open to ideas.

To volunteer, email dan@urbanartsoutreach.org.