Ritchie Kong


Ritchie Kong 'Skrybe52' of Newsong Church Santa Ana

Graphic Designer • Graffiti Artist

Ritchie Kong is a experience designer, installation artist / muralist living in Long beach, CA. He received his formal education at Cal State Fullerton where he uses his knowledge in design and illustration into the work he creates on walls and various 3-dimensional pieces. His artistic strength involves using spray paint as a primary medium and currently in transition working with interactive art that communicates directly and/or indirectly towards viewers about their faith and today’s culture. The art he and his team creates on commissioned sites, sanctioned spaces and on the permission walls challenges us / helps us connect with the perception we have on society and the struggles we undergo as we question & navigate the distorted reality portrayed in urban communities and inner city youth. Through Ritchie’s involvement with Urban Arts Outreach, BIOLA Youth Ministries and UYWI, he is able to interpret his work as a means to educate (youth) advocates and underprivileged youth by actively involving them in community beautification with the request of city locals, clubs, businesses, schools and nonprofits. Programs such as The Compton Initiative & The Lynwood Commitment has allowed him to create and facilitate over 25 community murals within the last 6 years. Ritchie continues to seek more opportunities to provide safe spaces and bring people together through faith and the arts.