Dan Emmerie 'DJ Audible'

Lead Organizer • DeeJay • Designer

Dan Emmerie “DJ Audible” is design production manager and teacher at Saddleback Church, a multi-campus church with global influence. With some friends outside of work, he began Urban Arts Outreach, a fellowship of skilled artists (break dancers, deejays, painters, and poets) driven by his passion for connecting artists to churches and churches to artists for over a decade. In the past 5 years, Urban Arts Outreach has settled within Downtown Santa Ana, focusing on mentoring a cross-cultural artist community, called Saint City, with the goal to assist local needs by building local means and reconcile people of different backgrounds. For more information or how to get involved, visit or

Don Sevilla 'Bboy Don'

Lead director of In Rhythm with Him Dance Crew • Poetry

Don began his dance journey in 1982, when he became fascinated by the street dance. After receiving his BA degree in Sociology from UCI in 1992, Don has worked as a Behavior Intervention Specialist and Special Education teacher in addition to his community work in dance education. He believes that dance is a powerful medium of artistic expression that helps foster character development, self-confidence, and self-esteem for at-risk youth. "Dance is God's gift to me...So I will teach it, share it, express it it."

Sign up for his dance workshop here


John Estrada 'Zender One' (Calvary Chapel)

Graffiti Artist

Born and raised in East Los Angeles, founder of John teaches urban youths in art programs and has produced over 300 murals in the United States.

Ken Saw (Mosaic Inland, Dance Instructor)

Ken Saw (aka "Adverb") is a dancer, choreographer, and historian. He has been teaching the history and sharing the moves of hip-hop dance for over ten years, and is helping to preserve the urban dance heritage to future generations throughout the United States.

Ritchie Kong "Skrybe52" (Mosaic Whittier & Iron Sharpens Iron Crew)

Growing up in the streets of Paramount/Compton, Ritchie faced many hardships as a minority and channeled his experiences into visual forms. While being set-apart in his neighborhood, Ritchie discovered graffiti and used it as his catharsis. Ritchie practiced urban art most of his high school years and continued with it throughout college where he received his bachelors in graphic design and illustration and now contributes his artistic talents to non-profits. Since then, Ritchie has been involved with organizations such as Invisible Children, To Write Love On Her Arms, Global Inheritance and Mercy Ships. He believes that by offering his services can incite others to make a difference in their community. To check out his work, please visit and

Pastor Ron 'DJ Efechto' (from Long Beach, now lives in Portland)

DJ • Beat Production

Ron Sararana is a well seasoned turntablist/DJ (Turntable Addicts Crew and Proper Radio) and youth pastor. Now a part of Humble Beast Records, check out their work at and download their music for free.

Anthony Rivera 'Click 88'

Beat Boxer • Professional Sound & Staging

A Human Beatbox (vocal percussionist), M.C, B-boy (breakdancer), Producer, father of 3, husband of 1. His amazing testimony is truely an example of how a Hip Hop generation family grow and serve together. www.myspace/GBUclick88

Click also has sound equipment for rental and ministry events, for more info check out: