Humble Beast Mixtape

This mix was made in appreciation of Humble Beast Records for their commitment to innovative and inspiring hip-hop. If you hear something you like, download the full length albums that the track is from for free at ­— DJ Audible

Track listing:

  1. 1 John 1 — Boogalu (Streetlights Sampler)

  2. Post Rock — Alert312 ft. Jackie Hill Perry & Eshon Burgundy (Singular Vision)

  3. So Help Me — Propaganda & Odd Thomas (Art Ambidextrous)

  4. Suspension — DJ Efechto & D. Steele (The Bridge)

  5. Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re My Only Hope. — JGivens (El v. Envy)

  6. The Dream That You Gave To Me — Citizen Aim ft. Braille (A Music Manifesto)

  7. Eye Dream — Alert312 ft. Tragic Hero (Singular Vision)

  8. How Did We Get Here — Propaganda ft. Andy Mineo & JGivens (Crimson Cord)

  9. Come Alive — Eshon Burgundy ft. JR & JGivens (The Fear Of God)

  10. Anchor — Beautiful Eulogy ft. Josh Garrels (Satellite Kite)

  11. Better — Jackie Hill Perry ft. JGivens & Natalie Lauren (The Art Of Joy)

  12. Broadcast 1580 — Courtland Urbano & B. Lewis (See-Saw Kids)

  13. The Never Haves — Foreknown (Ornithology)

  14. Invisible Man — Alert312 (Vice & Virtue)

  15. The Size Of Grace — Beautiful Eulogy (Instruments Of Mercy)

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