Hawaii 2014

Why Hawaii?

I visited a church the other day that just came back from a mission trip to Hawaii. A great example of God going before us, their main mission was similar to ours: to encourage churches to use the arts to outreach to young adults. They reported there’s a big need in Hawaii for ministry. Due to the high cost of living on the island, it’s hard for people to ministry full time. Most work a day job and do ministry on the side. Furthermore, one hawaiian told them if any missions go there it’s to serve kids or adults, but very little come to address the needs of the young adults. We hope to meet this great need, and connect through the arts to share hope with people.

Rough Schedule So Far (and stuff you can pray for us about!)

  • Aug. 11-12: International Gospel Graffiti Crew & Urban Arts Outreach arrive in Hawaii

  • Tuesday, Aug. 12: Tour Surfing The Nations (STN), drop off luggage, meet staff/founders

  • Wednesday, Aug. 13: Mural #1, Open Mic Night @ STN at 7pm

  • Thursday, Aug. 14: Feeding The Hungry with STN, Writers Bench at 9pm

  • Friday, Aug. 15: Mural #2, Youth Service @ Maranatha Christian Church, 7pm

  • Saturday, Aug. 16: BIG Outreach/Blackbook Battle event at Surfer’s Cafe https://www.facebook.com/events/270309793175885

  • Sunday, Aug. 17: Church Service at Maranatha Christian Church, Sabbath

  • Monday, Aug. 18: Mural #3

  • Tuesday, Aug. 19: Community service project

  • Wednesday, Aug 20: Open, looking to meet with local churches

  • Thursday, Aug 21: Open, looking to meet with local churches

  • Friday, Aug 22: Early morning flight back

Our main event is a BBQ outreach at Surfer’s Cafe on Aug 11. We’re looking for any volunteers to help share the gospel.